The new V-brooms overcomes the problems of conventional brooms effortlessly. While conventional brooms do not reach deeper areas very well, the new V-broom reaches into the slots and spaces significantly better. This enables a much better cleaning.

The principle is simple:

The V-bristles slide into the uneven structures (fugues / slots) and get back on. Through this newly developed basic idea of ​​the "axial shift effect", the surface is cleaned very easy. The resulting tension in the V bristles also has a self-cleaning effect.

Moreover, the dirt is guided through the V-form to the middle of the broom. This position of the bristles and the black frame field prevent the spreading of the dirt.

Advantages of the V-broom:

-> It takes only half the power of a conventional broom

-> Improved cleaning by "axial shift effect"

-> Works for conventional, normal horizontal sweeping motion (push and pull)

-> Also cleans deep fugues and gaps