The focus of our modern structured family business is on the production. Currently more than 150 employees working on modern robotic systems in three-shift operation on a total area of ​​5,000 square meters.

We currently have 30 filling machines partly robot controlled and 38 injection molding machines which produce daily over 80,000 brooms and brushes. Because of these high production capacity, we can optimally meet the high demands of the campaign business from discounters and mass merchandisers. Usually we deliver large orders within two weeks, small orders within two days.

In addition, we offer our products under "private label". We always ensure that the products are visually different for the various merchants.

To create an optimal planning security for both sides, we strive long-term cooperation with our customers. As consequence materials can be purchases in large quantities and at very attractive prices. These structures allow us a competitive edge and extremely competitive prices.