1919 Founding of Walter Bretschneider hair and bristles mixture factory in Stützengrün
1980 Takeover of the company by Michael Jäckel and start of production of twisted brushes
1992 Founding of the company Michael Jäckel Bürstenfabrik - Start of production of brooms
1995 Name changed to Michael Jäckel Erzgebirgische Bürstenfabrik GmbH in Schönheide
1998 New building in the industrial area in Stützengrün
1998 Founding of the J&S Kunststofftechnik GmbH in Schönheide
1999 Acquisition of paintbrush and brush factory Meiningen
2001 Expansion of the production area of the Erzgebirge brush factory on 4,500 sqm
2004 New construction and relocation of J [&] S Kunststofftechnik GmbH to Stützengrün
2005 Acquisition of Coronet (market leader in the household segment) together with the company Eugen Noelle and relocation of the production site of Hesse to Saxony
2008 Employment of around 150 highly qualified employees
2008 Placement of 500. Article on the market
2009 Completion of our modern warehouse
2011 Extension by two additional fully automated production machines