Our philosophy

Since the founding of our company, we maintain a successful company philosophy which is central to our corporate culture to this day.

1. Basic condition for mutual success is that every individual knows his mission field in every detail.

2. We have the ambition to do each task better than anyone else.

3. We consistently adhere to the principle of providing only the best quality to our customers.

4. The joy of work must necessarily be preserved.

5. We only work with the most modern systems and auxiliaries.

6. For us it is necessary to read professional journals.  We also visit important exhibitions and extend our knowledge.

7. We invest the most part of our profit back in our company.

8. We employ the right man in the right place.

9. We want to live simple and solid, so that we are focused in our work and have always a clear head in our decisions.

10. We are familiar with the idea that we do not want to take over every business. In this way we protect ourselves from many losses. At the same time we are respected by the competition.

11.Finally, we have a lot of patience and perseverance to wait for the success of our mission - even if there are special challenges.