About us

Regionally rooted since 1919 - A strong group for strong products

A group of companies with about 100 employees and 3 advantages:

With the company Michael Jäckel Erzgebirgische Bürstenfabrik GmbH and J&S Kunststofftechnik GmbH,
as well as the brush factory Walter Bretschneider, which was founded in 1919, our customers benefit 3-fold.

From a single source

They receive brooms, brushes
and plastic parts from one source.

Short decision paths

You can rely on short decision making processes of an old-established and regional rooted family business

Lean structures

You can count on lean structures.

The companies Erzgebirgische Bürstenfabrik GmbH and J&S Kunststofftechnik GmbH are managed by Mr. Alexander Jäckel and the company Walter Bretschneider by Mr. Michael Jäckel as managing directors. 

As a specialist for brushes, brooms, household articles as well as for paint and ceiling brushes, we have made it our business to reliably supply demanding customers with first-class products.

Every day we produce more than 80,000 articles and supply dealers throughout Europe and the Middle East. The majority of our customers, including well-known DIY stores, wholesalers and drugstore chains, are located in Germany. We achieve about ten percent of our revenue with exports.

Key figures:

  • 4500 m² production area
  • 3- shift working
  • 28 CNC- controlled transfer-, twins and triplet machines
  • about 160 employees
  • wide assortment, up to date products
  • private label production
  • high rack warehouse with 9.000 pallet places for raw materials and finished goods

Company group

J&S Kunststofftechnik GmbH

Since its foundation in 1998, we have been procuring the plastic elements required for our goods mainly from J&S Kunststofftechnik GmbH, also located in Stützengrün.

The local proximity and the direct cooperation with the shareholders enable us to plan extremely economical and long-term as well as to have short transport routes and delivery times. As a large customer we also receive particularly favourable conditions when purchasing.

Just like us, J&S Kunststofftechnik GmbH is equipped with the latest facilities in the field of plastics technology. For example, a state-of-the-art shuttle system for the injection of plastic elements is available. This makes this company one of the very few in the world that already uses this innovation today. Through four-shift operation on seven days a week, short-term customer requirements can also be realized.

Key figures:

  • 2.500 m² production area
  • 750 m² storage area
  • about 20 employees
  • 200 articles in assortment

Walter Bretschneider

Walter Bretscheider
Owner: Michael Jäckel
Talstraße 2
D-08328 Stützengrün/Erzgebirge
Phone.: +49 37462 3462
Fax: +49 37462 20
E-Mail: w.bretschneider@jaeckel-buersten.de

The former hair and bristle dressing shop was founded in 1919 after the turmoil of World War I.

After sixty years of craftsmanship, the current owner Michael Jäckel, the third generation, restructured the family business in 1980 for the industrial production of twisted brushes, rollers and household brushes.

Beside the serial production of spout and bottle brushes also special designs are produced and distributed by Michael Jäckel Erzgebirgische Bürstenfabrik GmbH.
The company has 8 employees.


More than 100 people are currently employed at our production sites.


  • 1919
    foundation of the company Walter Bretschneider hair and bristle dressing in Stützengrün
  • 1980
    Michael Jäckel takes over the company Walter Bretschneider - start of production of twisted brushes
  • 1992
    foundation of the company Michael Jäckel Bürstenfabrik - start of broom production
  • 1995
    change of name to Michael Jäckel Erzgebirgische Bürstenfabrik GmbH with headquarters in Schönheide
  • 1998
    new building in the industrial park Stützengrün and move from Schönheide to Stützengrün
  • 1998
    foundation of the company J&S Kunststofftechnik GmbH in Schönheide
  • 1999
    takeover of the brush and paintbrush factory Meinigen

  • 2001
    expansion of the production area of the Erzgebirgische Bürstenfabrik GmbH to 4.500 m²
  • 2004
    new building and relocation of J&S to Stützengrün
  • 2005
    together with the company Eugen Nölle, the company Coronet, the market leader in the household segment at that time, is taken over and the Coronet production site is relocated from Hessen to Saxony
  • 2009
    completion of the modern high-bay warehouse
  • 2011
    expansion with two additional fully automatic production lines
  • 2013
    Alexander Jäckel joins the management as managing director
  • 2014
    FSC certificate (FSC-C 101604) obtained, production of the HACCP series
  • 2014 - 2016 investment in 3 new transfer machines

Our Philosophy

Since the foundation of our company, we have maintained a successful company philosophy, which is still a central part of our corporate culture today.

  1. 1. The basic condition for mutual success is that each individual masters his field of activity in all details.
  2. 2. We have the ambition to do every task better than anyone else can.
  3. 3. We consistently adhere to the principle of delivering only first-class quality to our customers.
  4. 4. The joy of work must be maintained at all costs.
  5. 5. We work exclusively according to the latest working methods and always use modern systems and tools.
  6. 6. For us, it is part of our work to read and to have read professional journals. We also visit the most important exhibitions of the industry and constantly educate ourselves further.

  1. 7. We reinvest the largest part of our profit in our company in order to promote the further operation of our business.
  2. 8. We employ the right man in the right place.
  3. 9. We want to live simply and solidly so that we can always go to work concentrated and with a clear head.
  4. 10. We are familiar with the idea that we do not want or need to take over every business. In this way we protect ourselves from many losses and at the same time we are respected by the competition.
  5. 11. Last but not least, we invest a lot of patience and perseverance to wait for the success of our efforts - even when there are special challenges.


Environmental and social standards